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“One of the most important things Saltworks provides is an encouraging and worthwhile experience for all kids involved. It may stretch those who are shy and help those who are not to empathize with others.”

“My daughter has attended other camps, but Saltines has been her favorite for the past 2 years. Your staff connect with her on a creative/imaginative level that I am unable to do.”

“Saltworks occupies a unique place in arts education as it offers kids a chance to work with each other more than compete with each other.”

“I coach acting/public speaking – I love what you guys do!”

“You seem to run a well-oiled machine with invested staff.”

“I am really grateful you offer this type of experience. You raised my son’s confidence and feelings of accomplishment. Thank you.”

“My daughter came home so happy every day and could not wait for camp to come the next day. She expressed to me many times how she was allowed to act like herself and be a ‘little crazy’ and it was okay.”

“My kids loved it – as always. We keep coming back because they love it.”

“I was pleasantly surprised that you tackled a Greek comedy with such young kids. They rocked it!!!”

“I told my kids that we were cutting back on our summer camps next summer – and they responded ‘But you don’t mean Saltworks, right? We can still do Saltworks?’ (And the answer was ‘Of course!’)”

“I think you provide the best in teaching kids to be comfortable with themselves, no matter how different they may feel.”

“What a great group of teachers and students you have! Always a fun week.”

“Bravo to all the teachers; you have remarkable patience, persistence, and creativity.”

“The spirit of the staff is so wonderful and supportive. We had a terrific experience, as always.”

“What I liked the most was the fact that all the children looked confident in themselves regardless of their acting capacity or talent.”

“I am totally going to do this next year.” (from a first time camper)

“We loved the inclusive/non-judgmental atmosphere of the camp, and we will be back.”

“My kids learned a lot, laughed a lot, made new friends…magical!”

“Wonderful. Such talented kids! I was blown away by the singing and acting. Very engaging.”

“We’ve seen lots of changes over the years with Saltworks, but it is still fundamentally the same – kids learning theater in a safe and wonderful environment. It is a gift they keep with them their whole lives. Thank you! Thank you!”

“I feel you provide the best atmosphere for learning and growing in confidence and self-esteem, in addition to theater training. It is a caring and nurturing atmosphere.”

“Jack had a fantastic time, enjoyed the experience greatly, and babbled non-stop to his family. His mom and I were most grateful, and were additionally pleased at all the theater terms he picked up. We are all very grateful for this terrific experience and for the care and fun all of you put into it. Again, many thanks.”

“Josie enjoyed the week. We were amazed that she could memorize the lines for the play and get up on stage and deliver them. The curriculum was fun and engaging. But truly, the best part was the instructors; their loving, kind, and generous spirit made the week a very memorable experience.”

“Saltworks Summer Studio continues to be a fantastic experience. It boosts self-confidence, provides a great social atmosphere, and develops confidence speaking and performing in front of a large group.”

“It’s the positive learning atmosphere, teaching staff, and the whole ‘Saltworks experience’ that draws us to Saltworks. I’ve always been a fan of your ‘process over product’ philosophy. If the Friday performances and enthusiasm of the students can be a measure, then you are definitely the best.”

“I feel that my son was challenged and he felt like a contributing member of both of his groups.”

“What I appreciate most about Saltworks is the focus on kids doing theater for kids. There is nothing schmaltzy about what you do with the kids or what you have them perform; everything is genuine. The pressure that you so often see when it comes to children performing in front of an audience doesn’t exist here and this breaks down those barriers and provides the students with the opportunity to feel comfortable in the setting and as a result step up and enjoy giving a performance at their level.”

“I was quite impressed with the interpretation and performances given by these young people. I have a degree in Educational Theater and was excited for what the actors were able to share with their audience. The musical numbers were fun and my son learned something about a branch of theater that he might not study again until college.”

“This is the camp my daughter always wants to take again every summer. I love that she is being exposed to Shakespeare or Greek myths.”

“Saltworks is a predictably positive experience. Connor is always excited to attend each week, no matter how tired he may be coming home from school. He comes home from Saltworks energized. Thank you!”

“As usual, Saltworks does a fantastic job of teaching the kids to work together. What they learn as a group, in my opinion, is more important than what she learns as an actor.”

“My children had a wonderful, meaningful experience. Especially for my younger child, the experience of auditioning and performing was transforming.”

“I appreciate your commitment to meeting children where they are at developmentally and inviting them to find and connect to the best in themselves. That’s a fabulous, life-giving way of teaching.”

“Part of being the best is to provide a psychologically safe and all-around joyous environment in which youth can connect with themselves, others, and the pleasures and challenges of theatrical performance – and you all do this exceptionally well.”

“This was my first time with Saltworks and I was very impressed and pleased with the program.”

“Everything was great…keep up the good work!”

“The material was challenging, which we appreciated.”

“This teacher was particularly excellent. She really made the class terrific!”

“Lauren always learns and has a good time.”

“This was our first experience with Saltworks. Very pleased! Looking forward to many more years of my child’s involvement.”

“My son learned a lot and loved his teachers. Final performances were great!”

“We have nothing but positive things to say about our Saltworks experience, and Luke thoroughly enjoys his time there!”

“I like that you always find quality scenes to introduce to the campers.”

“I was very impressed.”

“We were very impressed with your young adult teachers. We loved their enthusiasm, kindness, and dedication to building both character and confidence!”

“Thanks for a great week!”

“Keith had a fantastic week and enjoyed every day. Thanks for making everything so fun! I loved hearing about the connection with the books students read and the performances.”

“Doug enjoyed camp very much, and he was challenged to grow in his stage work.”

“I really liked the adaptations of the books to song and play. Great idea, well executed.”

“The time was used wisely and kept Allison interested.”

“I thought the choice of books/plays was great for each of the age ranges. The amount of lines seemed to fit my daughter’s ability well.”

“Well done, on time, and a good length. Each child got a chance to shine.”

“My 6-year old son now wants to come next year after hearing about it all week and seeing the presentation on Friday.”

“I have been telling friends about Saltworks and hope to have a few sign up with my daughter next year.”

“I have already suggested it to a few of our friends in our community and mentioned the sessions that occur during the fall and spring semesters as well.”

“I really enjoyed the productions you did. I thought the kids did a great job and it is certainly a reflection on good teachers who are obviously enthusiastic about the material they teach.”

“Saltworks does enough to challenge, but not overwhelm, the students, and makes it fun.”

“I know Isabelle enjoyed it immensely and has progressed tremendously both in confidence and skill level since last year.”

“The Saltworks teachers do an exceptional job with the students.”

“My daughter was definitely challenged throughout her week of Saltworks. She learned so much about acting and really good techniques for auditioning and improvisation.”

“Saltworks Summer Studio exceeded my expectations. It was beyond what we were hoping for.”

“Thank you to all the hard workers and teachers. We will be back to Saltworks in the future.”

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